Help saving the environment with Metta

  • Which scrap metals?

    Ferrous metal, cast-iron, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, bronze, lead, zinc, magnesium.

  • Do you have big-sized items?

    We will take your metal cutting equipment if necessary. We will perform demounting and cutting works.

  • What is scrap?

    From a simple screw-nail at your home to the whole car. Residents often throw away scrap waste together with their domestic waste because of ignorance. If you bring this waste to the scrap purchase station, you will get extra income. We will buy everything: an old car accumulator, an unused gas-cooker or replaced house heating or water supply system elements.

  • Don’t you have transport?

    We can take your scrap with our transport. Even if you have a few hundred kilos, we will take them for free in the city limits. Bigger amounts can also be brought from further places. You may use a small trailer from the lot for free in order to bring your scrap.

Our services

Purchasing of scrap metal

Purchasing of old vehicles

Trailer / towing services

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We purchase ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap, cars, equipment or other metal parts. Depending on the amount of scrap metal you have, we can work anywhere in Lithuania.

If you have a car that can not be driven anymore, we can purchase it for scrap metal parts. Any car or cargo vehicle is suitable for us.

To bring scrap metal, you can use a trailer and/or a tow truck in our Taurage office free of charge (up to 2 hours). Our truck can be driven with a category B driver’s license. To drive a tow truck, you will need driving license of category BE.

Major scrap metal prices

  • Ferrous metal scrap (1500x500x500 mm from 4 mm)

    0,269 EUR/kg

  • Oversized ferrous metal scrap (includes agricultural machinery, trucks, barrels)

    0,249 EUR/kg

  • Black metal scrap (tin)


  • EUR/kg

  • Aluminum scrap - motor

    1,15 EUR/kg

  • Aluminum scrap

    1,05 EUR/kg

  • Brass, bronze scrap

    4,00 EUR/kg

  • Copper scrap

    6,50 EUR/kg

  • Stainless steel scrap

    1,07 EUR/kg

  • Lead acid battery scrap

    0,56 EUR/kg

  • The prices of Tauragė purchase station are indicated for natural persons (residents).
  • The resident income tax (5%) was deducted. Pollution is excluded.
  • The indicated price is paid „take-home“.
  • The prices are indicated in euro per kilo. If the market situation should change, the prices can also change.